6th Wedding-Anniversary Gift: A Bed Made of Wood

The Morris Bed: An Arts and Crafts style bed  made from quartersawn white oak.

The Morris Bed: An Arts and Crafts style bed made from quartersawn white oak.

As it turns out the modern gift symbol for a 6th wedding anniversary is wood, according to the all-knowing about.com. That’s an auspicious sign for Mrs. Weekndr and I who celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary today, and recently began celebrating the completion of my bed project (picture above)

The tradition of giving gifts based on symbols dates back to the middle ages, even before Hallmark was established. These symbols range from paper (1st wedding anniversary) to a 10k diamond (100th anniversary). I’d say anyone who stays married for 100 years deserves at least a 10k diamond.

According to this ancient tradition, iron and sugar represent the 6th year of marriage. To satisfy those requirements we’ll be feasting on iron-rich red meat and sugary desserts for dinner tonight.

But sometime in the 20th century wood was suggested as a modern gift alternative. Lucky for us, I just so happened to have completed this Arts and Crafts style bed made of quartersawn white oak. I hadn’t planned this convenient coincidence, but I’ll take it.

Happy anniversary Mrs. Weekndr!

Love, Mr. Weekndr


3 Responses

  1. 6 years…………. seems like 6 minutes……….. (under water)

  2. Wow Mr. Weekendr, nice work. What happened to the carving detail on the headboard?
    I look forward to seeing it person some time soon.

    • ran out of time. but we just visited the printmaking exhibit at the Yale museum and I’m thinking I might make a copper plate… we’ll see. It’s pretty good as is…

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