Fall is for Yankees

Fall in Connecticut
A calm Fall morning on the Housatonic in Western Connecticut. Click the image to enlarge.

The 2009 New York Yankees are heading to the world series, again. I’m no sports fan. But I think I know why the Yankees always seem to prevail in the month of October.

Because Fall is For Yankees! In weather and in baseball, things seem to go in the favor of New Englanders this time of year. Even sunny California and its Angels can’t touch us.

For most months of the year New England is either too cold or too muggy. But for this short stretch of the calendar, we Yankees celebrate the most glorious season there is. See photo above taken this week on a morning walk to our local river beach on the mighty Housatonic.

Ghosts of Halloween past

Anyone with little kids is planning Halloween costumes by now (unless they enjoy last-minute runs to Target and picked-over shelves). The autumn leaves got me thinking about our past three years with the Neens. 

Nina dressed as a cow for her first Halloween, circa 2005
Nina dressed as a cow for her first Halloween, circa 2005.

Her first two costumes were hand-me-downs (Asa and Lynn, you guys rock) and since Nina had no say in the matter, we did what we pleased.


This chicken costume kept her warm and cozy in '06.
This chicken costume kept her warm and cozy in '06.

Then, by age two-and-a-half, she had a mind of her own. Disney had taken over and it was Cinderella or bust.


By last year, princess fever had struck.
Princess fever struck last year.

What’s in store for this year? Meet me at Target on Oct. 30. I’ll be the one with frazzled mom hair fighting you for the last wicked witch gown.

-Mrs. Weekndr

Snapshots Of The Week

We mostly stayed close to home, enjoying the cool end-of-summer weather.  My neighbor gave us a useful stroller that Maddie can ride in while Nina sits or stands on the back.

But sometimes Nina wants to stroll, not be strolled. 

Watercoloring can get us through an hour at home.

Maddie’s highchair tray is her artist’s palette and her face, a canvas.

Matching outfits? Because we can.

Having fun with Satchel.