Weekend Destination: Pasadena’s Eaton Canyon

Just a few miles away from here, at the foot of a canyon that cuts through the Los Padres National Forrest and into Pasadena, a cold mountain-water creek snakes through a wide scramble of river rocks. It's a scene from nature in action, which is not often on display here in Los Angeles where miles of our rivers have [...]

Weekndr: LA Edition

It's official: The Weekndr Family are now residents of Los Angeles, California. Well South Pasadena to be exact, since we've quickly discovered that this massive sprawl is made of up dozens upon dozens of cities and neighborhoods each with distinct personalities, crime rates, school districts, and housing prices, and it's important to choose one that [...]

Entertaining Kids With Science and Dinosaurs

Anyone with young kids and time to kill in the New Hampshire-Vermont region near Hanover will appreciate the Montshire Museum of Science, a hands-on children's museum designed for families just like us with preschoolers in need of a good dose of brain stimulation. The museum is packed with indoor and outdoor activities, and regularly features [...]