On Newsstands This Month


Remember this? It’s back from the printer and on the truck to your local big box retailer.

I saw my mug at the grocery store on the cover of Start Woodworking, a special newsstand-only magazine I helped produce that comes with an 80-minute DVD workshop featuring yours truly. It’s pretty exciting to know that 175,000 copies of me have reached bookstores, home centers, and markets around the country.

However, I wasn’t so excited to learn that my publisher will be happy if they sell 35 percent of that. Apparently, that’s better than the industry standard. Even more saddening is the fact that the 110,000 copies that don’t get sold are headed for the scrap yard. That’s right folks, it’s an industry fact that 70 percent of all newsstand magazines end up in the trash. If a copy isn’t sold, the retailer rips the cover off and sends it back for a refund. 

So support me and preserve your landfills. Go out an buy a copy of Start Woodworking.

Start Woodworking Promo
video produced by Weekndr on Vimeo.

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