Long Lost Cousins

As the journey West continues for the Weekndr family, our dog Ringo yesterday was introduced to his toddler cousin, Daisy. As expected, they hit it off swimmingly from the start. In the eight years we've known him, Ringo tends to prefer girl dogs and small dogs. So with Daisy, it was love at first sight. P.S. [...]

Life in a Box

It's hard to believe your life can fit into a box until you stuff it all inside of one. The Weekndr family this week stuffs its life into about 8 ft by 16 ft of box postmarked for Pasadena. A sunny break to the New England winter has made packing go easy but it ain't [...]

Travels With Ringo

Ringo, the dog, came to us from the San Francisco Humane Society where he was three-weeks into his sentence. His previous owners abandoned him with a bad rap sheet, detailing a long list of warnings to potential owners: "Bites, not house trained, runs away" and so on. At a lean 27 lbs. and full of [...]