Checkerboard Skateboards and Longboards

checkerboard no. 003

Weekndr is proud to introduce the Checkerboard line of longboards and skateboards. These high-quality decks are handmade in the Weekndr family garage from top-quality maple and hardwood veneers.

Each Checkerboard skateboard and longboard deck is made to order. We start with a deck pressed from seven layers of 100% Canadian hard maple. A classic checkerboard pattern made from an assembly of hardwood veneers is applied to the bottom of each deck for a custom, one-of-a-kind look.

When ordering a skateboard or longboard you can chose from one of our classic deck designs or commission a custom one.

VENICE BEACH BOUND: This checkerboard longboard features a dueling maple checker pattern flanked by redish-brown Sapele. The popsicle-stick shape measures 42-in. long and 9-1/2-in. wide, with concave and a kick nose and tail.

Deck Design Pricing

Checkerboard Skateboard with maple and sapele (African mahogany) 1-in. checker pattern and European steamed beech border.

The cost of a skateboard or longboard deck is calculated based on the cost of materials at the time of order, the design, the size, and the wood types. THESE DECKS DO NOT INCLUDE TRUCKS, WHEELS, AND HARDWARE. You can request a complete board when placing an order for an extra cost.



The Workshop: Where our longboards are made

The Process: More on our vacuum-veneer construction process

Checkerboard #055: Ebony and Ivory

Checkerboard #054 and #053: The checkboard experience

Checkerboard #003: Experimenting with a new pin-tail shape

Checkeboard veneers: A photo gallery


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