4-1/2 Hours in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

If you can make it to Carmel, California by 11 am, there is no doubt you will have an enjoyable day in one of America’s most exquisite and storybook towns, which is also responsible for the inception of modern bohemian California culture, poetry, art, theater, and… van life.

11:00 am – After an easy 1-hour drive from Santa Cruz we found street parking in the village just a few blocks off Ocean Ave. We walked to our primary destination, the Carmel Art Association, where a special 95th anniversary show was getting set up featuring some art by my great-aunt Moira Wallace (1910-1979).

11:45: Exploring and flipping through the stacks of paintings and illustrations at the gallery made us hungry so we walked two blocks to the Little Swiss Cafe, which smelled like the hearty breakfast-all-day establishment we were looking for. That was confirmed by the packed house, so we put our names on the waiting list and spent 15 minutes circling around the block to window browse the countless art galleries.

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8 more Weeknds ‘til 2023, might as well spend them here

I started this blog almost 15 years ago, before there was a Twitter, before there was Instagram, when the World Wide Web was a wild frontier of invention and exploration.

Weekndr.com was my little piece of virtual land with a URL missing just enough vowels to slot me right into the universe of Internet personalities. I was here to document the Weekndr family adventures (anonymity was still a thing back then) and share our view of the world with anyone who I could convince to look.

My niche was based on an idea that life was just a countdown of weekends until you die, and humans were put on earth to make the most of all of them.

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