SK8 Art: The Completed Illustrated Guide to Skateboard Design

Seven years after publishing my first book “The Handmade Skateboard: How to design and build a custom longboard, cruiser, street deck from scratch” I’ve submitted the final edits and updates to a new revised edition of the book expected to hit bookstores this fall.

You may not know, but in order for a published book to earn “revised” status, the author and publisher have to update a substantial portion of the content. And so that’s just what we did.

The revised version of The Handmade Skateboard includes new techniques and lessons learned from the dozens of skateboard-making workshops I’ve run with students of all ages over the past decade. I’ve pulled together interviews and photos from breakout handmade skateboard makers from around the globe who are pushing the envelope.

But perhaps my favorite addition to the book: Colorized updates to my “complete illustrated guide to skateboard design.” In this section of the book, I break down all the design decisions and parts that you’ll need to sort through when you’re designing and building your own custom skateboard.

Because I love them so much, I compiled a selection of drawings from the book into a poster-sized version that I’m offering for sale for a limited time via the on-demand print service

Score your custom-designed swag available on a variety of printed products. Select from a variety of products from mugs to wall art to wearable art.

What are you waiting for?!

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