In My Mind Everyone Loves the Wood Shop

The Weekndr Family visited the woodshop this weekend to check on the progress of my bed build.

The Weekndr Family visited the wood shop this weekend to check on the progress of my bed build. The full-size version is beginning to look a lot like the scale model in the foreground.

As the sole man figure of the Weekndr household I’m usually outnumbered by the ladies of the house when it comes to deciding how we spend our free time.

If it were up to me, we’d be hanging out at the woodshop all day working on power tools and enjoying the aroma of fresh-sawn wood, then home to veg out to Law & Order or  60 minutes as the evening turns to night. More often, however, when we travel as a family unit it’s off to Target or TJ Max to browse toy and clothing racks, or to the playground to spin dizzy on the tire swing and climb up the slide.

Testing out the bed before the glue up.

Testing out the bed before the glue up.

But at least once a year, with much bargaining, I’m given a free pass to build a project in the wood shop. The deal usually goes something like this: I build a piece of furniture that benefits the entire household and Mrs. Weekndr puts up with my around-the-clock obsession with sketching and cutting and daydreaming of joinery and power-tool jigs. Then, after weeks go by with my same old tired progress reports, Mrs. Weekndr starts to lose patience and greet me with phrases like “Are you done with your ___ yet?”

My current bed build is nearing this critical juncture. Only one week to go before I’m done filming the build on video for an upcoming Video Workshop on, and it couldn’t come soon enough. In an attempt to quell the impatience, I brought the whole family to the wood shop to see the bed dry assembled. The top photo made it on to Mrs. Weekndr’s Facebook wall so I’m guessing it worked.